Biloxi taking back Margaritaville Casino land

BILOXI, Miss. (KNOE 8 News/AP) – Land leased to Margaritaville Casino by the city of Biloxi is coming back under the city’s control as part of the casino’s bankruptcy proceedings.

City attorney Gina Tompkins told the Biloxi council Tuesday the city will still be able to make a claim against MLB Holdings, the company that operated the casino, or Clay Point, the company that owns the land on which the casino was built.

Source: KNOE

Updated Biloxi Hotel Information

biloxi-hotel-information1During the summer months, we see a pretty large spike in room rates along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and of course in Biloxi and Gulfport.

If you cannot find a low priced room at one of the major casino resorts, simply view the Biloxi casino map and then try to find some of the lower priced chain hotels or even local motels.

The hotels want to fill rooms and they will usually keep lower rates than the casinos to get guests…

Hope this helps on your summer Biloxi travel plans.

History of Biloxi

history-of-biloxiThe rich history of this city spans more than 300 years. The area was originally ruled by Britain, then Spain, and eventually France. However, by 1811, Biloxi was officially considered to be under the rule of the Unites States, and the city began to grow.

The convenient location of this area made it extremely popular with those looking to visit New Orleans, and various tourist facilities began to develop. However, at this point gambling was still not legal in this area, and so Biloxi was not flooded with poker enthusiasts visiting the area’s infamous casinos as it is today. Instead, the main tourist attractions included a Lighthouse, which was shipped from Baltimore in 1848.

However, the growing tourism industry of the area was somewhat disrupted by the Civil War, in which Biloxi was captured by union forces. This city also played an important role in the second World War, as it was the location for the United States Army Air Forces’ Keesler Air Force Base, which was then know as Keesler Field. This became a key site for basic training and aircraft maintenance, which proved extremely financially beneficial for this area. It also encouraged a diverse range of ethnics groups within the city.

The tourism industry continued to develop, with many Northerners preferring to visit this area over the previous favorite of Florida. However, it wasn’t until gambling was made legal in the 1990s that this area was to feel the full impact of this industry. A number of hotel and casino complexes were built, with many gaining worldwide recognition. The area continues to provide a certain amount of competition to some of the most notable gambling districts in the United States, such as the Las Vegas strip. Biloxi continues to be successful in both the tourism and gaming industries today.